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City of Davis Child Care Services offers many services relating to child care and parenting to residents of Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland, and Yolo County. If you are looking for a service that isn't listed here, please give us a call - we can probably help you!

Child Care Services is divided into two major program areas - Resource & Referral (R&R), which provides Yolo County parents with referrals to child care providers, information on child care and parenting, support programs for parents and child care providers, and other related services; and the Child Care Subsidy program, which provides subsidies to assist parents in paying for child care.

Effective July 1, 2015, City of Davis Child Care Services will no longer provide the R&R and Subsidy services to Yolo County. Families and child care providers should have already received notification letters from the City regarding the transition of services.

Stage 1 (white attendance sheets) will be provided by Child Action, Inc.

Stage 2, Stage 3, AP (yellow, pink, and green attendnance sheets) and R&R services will be provided by Children's Home Society.

We are responsible for services through June 30, and we are working closely with Child Action, Inc. and Children's Home Society to transition families and services.

City of Davis Child Care Services Contact Information:
Office Location and Hours:
600 A Street, Suite C, Davis, CA 95616
Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm


(530) 757-5695
(530) 747-8236 Resource & Referral
(530) 750-2742 Fax
(530) 757-5666 TDD
Yolo County Calls from Outside Woodland or Davis: (800) 723-3001


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