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 The goals of the Civic Arts program is to provide and support a wide variety of art and cultural opportunities and education. Staff provides analysis, development, and implementation of Civic Arts programs, supports the Civic Arts Commission, and undertakes special projects.

Davis Civic Arts Calendar

The City of Davis Civic Arts Program is pleased to announce a new Davis Civic Arts Calendar. The calendar lists events, exhibits, performances, and activities in the Davis area and beyond.

If you have an event or listing for the calendar, you may add your event to the calendar.

View the Calendar!

Art In Public Places Program

Since 1973, the City has set aside 1% of all funds allocated for Capital Improvement Projects to purchase art that enhances the quality of the Davis environment. The artists selected through this program represent a diversity of style and media. Sculpture, murals, paintings, tile work, and functional pieces are located around the city for your enjoyment.

You can view a map showing the locations of public art in Davis.

Public Art Walking Tour and Gallery Guide

An attractive guide to public art and galleries is available. The guide provides information on public art around Davis and descriptions of non-profit and for-profit galleries. Print compies guide can be found at city offices and most art galleries, or you can download a copy: 2010 Public Art Walking Tour and Gallery Guide.

Art in Public Places Collection

You can learn more about the Art in Public Places Collection.

Civic Arts Commission Support

The Civic Arts Commission advises the City Council on all matters relating to art and culture in the community, and selects art in to included in the city's art in public places collection. The commission encourages programs and methods that support creative activities to the highest standards, as well as increase public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of a variety of art forms.

Partner Organizations

The Civic Arts Program works with other agencies and organizations to promote arts in the community.

Arts Contracts 

Due to budget reductions, the City of Davis Arts Contract program was discontinued. You can view a listing of all Arts Contracts awarded between 1973 and 2011.

For more information, please contact the Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 or

  • Poet Laureate Nominations

    The City of Davis is currently accepting nominations for a new Poet Laureate.  The two year term begins September 2014.  Submissions are due Thursday, May 22, 2014 by 5:00 p.m.

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  • Art in Public Places Collection

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    The City of Davis Civic Arts Program maintains a public art collection spread throughout the Davis community. Use the links below to find locations with public art, or read detailed information … more

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